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By Gathering Resources In Albion Online: How To Do Better

At present, Albion focus is being centred on player freedom, it allows players to build and claim their own island, by collecting resources, they can use or sell their craft items. The game has open world PVP, Guild battles as well as Guild were included. Players can decide how they interact with the world, what's more, some mechanics given to them. Cheap gold for sale, the inclusion of cheap albion online gold.



What Exactly You Wear


You start by being guided into killing your surroundings and gathering your first resources. You then craft yourself your first weapon and piece of armour. It is at this point Albion throws yet another unique spanner to your face for you to try and catch with your teeth. 


Every type of weapon and armour have their own skills. You’re a skill-less character in a world of possibilities. One day you could be a plate wearing meat shield, next day a cloth wearing fireball machine. In essence Albion shows you that you are what you wear.


Flock of Pigeons


The mechanics and the unique player driven economy is what sets Albion apart from the wave of MMORPG’s being released like a flock of simple pigeons. Albion is not the perfect MMORPG but we will look at its downfalls after we take a peek at the shiny tip of its pyramid. The class system in Albion is unique and tied to the gear worn. Any player can wear any piece of gear as long as it is unlocked in the tree called the “Destiny Board”. Be sure take note that cheap albion online gold for sale