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iwildstargold: Who looking for a good route to enable them to make some extra gold

This article is Anhrez's patented 30 minute loop through Auroria for mid-level Dominion players who looking for a good route to enable them to farm/make some extra gold. This route involves harvesting nodes and killing named mobs, so this route is easier for mid-30 level players than it is for high-20's.

Its time .....


wildstar map


I have been buried at work lately so I haven't had the opportunity to offer up some solid Econ PvP info ... until now. Today I am going to talk about one of my distractions - what I'm calling "the '30 min Auroria loop'. I can do this mindlessly while on a work call with mid-30's toon and I feel its a good way to earn some coin for for lower level characters. In baseball terms, not every farming option can be a home run but this 30 minute route that I'm about to share with you is always a solid single and depending on how the AH/CX shifts as we see more players starting to build elder game gear, this route could be even more profitable.

The outlined route I will show you is a solid option for any player in their 30's and/or a skilled player in the high 20's since part of this process is to kill the rare named mobs that cover the zone. The highest rare mob you'll find is Spellmaster Verwyn and this one can be a challenge if you are under level.

(Sorry Exiles, this route is not for you but keep reading as the last half of the article might be of impact to your purse)

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