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Path Of Exile Is One Of Current Diablo Alternatives

Path of Exile is one of the best action RPGs in 2018 because of its enormously multi-layered character development and gloomy mood, a feast for old-school monster hunters.



Incredibly complex, unbelievably bleak, incredibly motivating: Path of Exile is considered the true legacy of Diablo 2 for many fans. Above all, because every competitive game really looks like a kid's birthday against its multi-layered character development. The seven classes are picking new properties out of a huge skill net, theoretically every class can evolve in any direction - only the starting points are different.


We unlock active abilities via gems that we use in our equipment and freely modify via other connected stones. So a fireball can pierce enemies, jump from one goal to the next, or split into pieces on impact - or all at once! The game also offers a lot of customization options. Regular seasonal leagues with their own game mechanics and extensive enhancements bring constantly new content. And to top it all, it's all completely free! Path of Exile probably has one of the fairest Free2Play models on the market, we only pay for cosmetic items or luxuries such as extra chests.


Path of Exile not grim enough? The cancellation of the skill trees an unforgivable sin? Then Path of Exile is just the right alternative, in many ways it feels more like Diablo 2 than the official successor. As an outcast, you will be banished to the accursed continent of Wraeclast and raise your hero there in the best hack & slay manner to the virtuoso monster stalker. The game is based on enormously deep and multi-layered character development: You screw your character together from a network of over 1000 passive skills.


The active abilities also suit her exactly to your playing style. Each one is represented by a gem that you use in your gear - and that can be connected to other gems. So each bullet can be split into several with the right gem or jump from one enemy to the next, or even both at the same time. And best of all: Path of Exile is regularly expanded with extensive patches and addons and is still completely free, we only pay for cosmetic items and more space in the loaf. Free2Play can hardly be more customer friendly.


Diablo-like RPG Path of Exile came to the Xbox One, the game remains free-to-play! The game apparently had great demand for this expansion as it has captured the hearts of many gamers. If you want to get cheapest Path of Exile currency, U4GM always is the best choice for you. We guarantee that the activity is 100% real and effective. Have fun!