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Madden 18: Related Tips On How To Draft The Perfect Madden Franchise

At U4GM, you always find more tips, for Madden NFL 18's offense and defense tips, we have been leaked out a lot at ours website. Today, we will introduce other tips,  concerning draft the perfect Madden franchise. As we know, Madden is the popular video game series that carries the namesake of former NFL Head Coach and Announcer, John Madden. Most sports fans would likely consider Madden 18 to be the greatest sports video game ever made. You can learn too many tips from here, see more at here.




Draft young. Your goal is to create a dynasty, not to win one championship and then fade into the oblivion. 

Draft a player about the age of 28. Even then, players over the age of 25 should only be drafted sparingly. If a player is any older, it means one of two things: Either he is already really good, or that player simply isn't very good. 


Build a powerful offensive line that can lead your team

Throughout NFL history, no team has ever succeeded with a poor offensive line.  However, at the same time, star offensive linemen demand more money than any other position, and a team can easily be financially crippled by throwing the bank at a single member of an offensive line. 


Don't try to make every aspect of your offense perfect. Rather, pick a specific aspect of it and build your offense around it.

With the salary cap around, it is frivolous and wasteful to try to create a perfect offense. Rather, concentrate on your strength and stick to it. If you are into running the ball, draft a great run-blocking line and three solid running backs to match. Then, grab some run-blocking wide receivers like Hines Ward later in the draft. 


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