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Tom Brady Got A Tough Break On The Video Game Madden NFL 18

We will have Madden NFL 18, Madden 18 is the brand-spanking-new version of the game. As this game's cover star, Tom Brady got a tough break on the video game Madden 18. He has regressed slightly at 40 years old. Tom Brady's accuracy has been one element that has regressed in 2017. That isn't to say it's a permanent regression. Are you now aware the importance of buying cheap madden 18 coins in time? 



As we approach the halfway point of the NFL season, things are still unpredictable as ever in real life and on the virtual gridiron. At the midpoint in the season, Brady has the most passing yards with 2,451 and the second-most passing touchdowns with 16. Brady is now 6-2 and leading the most potent offense in the NFL. After a few more weeks of strong play, perhaps he'll be a 99 again. 


Tom Brady finally gets on the cover, says he doesn't believe in the curse. New England Patriots QB Tom Brady, leds his team to an unprecedented come-from-behind victory in Super Bowl LI, is the cover of this year's Madden NFL 18. In a statement provided by EA, Brady said,: "I'm not one to believe in curses, so I'm ready to take the challenge head on like always, it doesn't stand a chance". 


Madden 18 was finally released in early August, is available on a variety of platforms. Amazingly, while Brady fronted 989 Sports' NFL Gameday in the PS2 years, he's never been on the cover of the biggest Gridiron game going. EA says the engine will allow EA to deliver a " significant visual leap" for player models and also crowds, stadiums and more. In the recent posted official videos and watch these footages, click for source